Welcome to Black Bear Puzzles Custom hand-made wooden jigsaw puzzles cut from personal photos, fine art prints, logos,etc.. Each image is sized to your specifications, glued to 1/4" 5 ply Baltic Birch, and then cut randomly into the number of requested pieces. I generally cut at about 2.5 pieces per square inch. Since most of my puzzles are custom made and one of a kind, I do not publish a catalog. COST of Puzzles The cost of each puzzle is determined by the number of pieces. I charge 35 cents per piece. A typical puzzle 10" x 12" would cut at about 345 pcs. Shipping to USA and Canada is a flat rate of $20. Delivery time is (3 to 5 Business Days). There is no additional cost for figurals since they are part of the piece count. The minimum cost for any puzzle would be $75 USD.

Storage/Gift Box is included with all of my puzzles. Each box is handcrafted by me. The inlay of the black bear is my signature piece.
Turtle Bay Resort (Sample Puzzle)
This puzzle measured at about 11" x "14 and cut into 413 pcs. Since this is a golf-themed puzzle, I chose figurals related to the image. There were 24 figurals. (See below)
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